For the different demands on usage time and application area, module variants are available, which can be individually configured.


Foundation Foundation


As a general contractor, we offer you a full service concept. This includes the planning and construction of the foundation, if you wish. If you wish, you can also build the foundation yourself. For this you will receive a foundation plan from us. The design of the foundation depends on the building ground on the one hand, and on the size of the modular building on the other. Often a point or strip foundation is sufficient, but a full foundation can also be useful. For temporary projects and solid ground, wooden beams or steel girders are also sufficient. In sandy subsoil, screw foundations are recommended.

    Lighting systems Lighting systems

    Lighting systems

    Lighting and electrical are certified and comply with legal standards and requirements. Here, too, there are simple and inexpensive solution up to the individual high-tech equipment.

      WC systems WC systems

      WC systems

      Here, too, depending on the requirements and budget, there are many options from the inexpensive toilet to the individual design. However, the quality is in any case in the first place.

        Isolation Isolation


        Good insulation is always worthwhile and very important. Different and modern insulation materials are offered.

          Stairs / Lifts Stairs / Lifts

          Stairs / Lifts

          Both interior and exterior stairs are available in metal. Escape stairs or lifts can also be realized depending on the requirements.

            Showers Showers


            As showers, we offer everything from simple and inexpensive shower enclosures to very design showers. Your requirements and wishes implement individually within the limits of your budget.

              Floors Floors


              As a floor covering, various materials and designs come into question. Cheap PVC or linoleum floors, but also carpets or high-quality laminate and wood parquet are available.

                Bathroom Bathroom


                As equipment for the bathroom, we offer everything from simple and inexpensive shower cabins to very design-strong bathrooms. We implement your requirements individually within the limits of your budget.

                  Kitchens Kitchens


                  According to your requirements and budget, we design your kitchen individually. Here, too, there are no limits. But even with simple and inexpensive kitchens, quality is very important to us.

                    Windows Windows


                    Strong insulation of windows is extremely important. In this regard, we offer triple glazing. Very popular are our large fixed glazings. Window frames are made of plastic, aluminum or wood. Any RAL color can be chosen.

                      Heaters Heaters


                      The most modern are air-water heat pumps in combination with controlled ventilation and heat recovery.

                      However, less expensive heating and cooling systems can also be installed. The decisive factors here are the location of the modular building and the legal regulations.

                        Roofs Roofs


                        A second so-called roof module is built over the normal basic module. This investment is worthwhile in any case, because in winter such a roof provides additional insulation and heating costs are saved. In summer, on the other hand, the under-ventilated roof module keeps the heat out and saves energy costs for cooling. In addition, when it rains, the soundproofing is much stronger, which is especially important for classrooms. Our most popular secondary roof is a flat roof with a 4-degree pitch and extensive vegetation. The maintenance requirements are minimal and ecological as well as aesthetic needs are taken into account. This heat-insulating and resource-saving lightweight construction method is the benchmark and prerequisite for ecologically intelligent building. The greening of a flat roof is also prescribed by law in most cases. We will also be happy to advise you on roof-integrated, regenerative energy generation using photovoltaic solar foils.

                          Facades Facades


                          For the facade, we offer countless options - from wooden cladding to Resopal plastic panels, Max panels and sine wave aluminum sheets to very modern and printable textile facades.

                            Interior Interior


                            The interior can be kept very simple and inexpensive, or we install design-strong and very high-quality materials to meet your requirements. Thanks to our experience, we know where to set specific accents to guarantee coziness.

                              Transportation Transportation


                              The modules are either transported to the construction site ready-made or delivered as a kind of kit. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends primarily on the transport costs to and the assembly costs at the destination. The decision criterion is therefore what is more cost-saving and ecological. Modules are usually transported by truck, but modular buildings can also be delivered by rail and air. Conclusion: The distance and the assembly costs at the destination are primarily decisive. Of course, special criteria can also be decisive. For example, if it is very urgent in the context of disaster relief or the destination is inaccessible.

                                Solar / Battery Solutions Solar / Battery Solutions

                                Solar / Battery Solutions

                                We offer completely 100% energy self-sufficient solutions. The possibilities range from photovoltaic roof and facade panels, storage batteries and state-of-the-art solar chargers to the connection with a bi-directional V2L electric vehicle.


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