• Energy self-sufficiency

    Environmentally friendly
    Power supply
    and mobility


    The modular module is 100% self-sufficient in energy. By combining two solar roofs and a solar panel attached to the facade, the solar energy can be optimally utilized.

    The energy produced is temporarily stored in two 10kWh batteries and made available for use in the modular module or in the electric car as needed. Should bottlenecks ever occur, the bidirectional V2L system also enables the transfer of energy from the vehicle back to the module. This ensures a reliable power supply and makes mobility environmentally friendly.

    Unused electricity is fed into the public grid. With these sustainable energy practices, the modular modules pave the way to a greener future and inspire with their use of renewable energy in a harmonious interplay of architecture and technology.

    Solar filling station supplies energy
    for about 7500 km

    With three solar roof modules, a solar facade, two 5kWh batteries and a bidirectional V2L electric car, you as a user:in benefit from sustainable energy in the building and while driving.

    Bidirectional V2L electric car
    Solar surplus is fed into the vehicle and provides energy for a considerable distance of about 7500 km (calculated over the year). For emergencies, the energy from the car can be returned to the house. Unused electricity is fed into the grid.

    Energy self-sufficiency

    Monthly electricity production

    Energy self-sufficiency

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