• Is there a size limit?

    No, there is no size limit. However, for cost reasons, it is worth planning in the standard dimensions of the modules. At your request, we are also happy to produce special sizes.

  • What are the requirements for working with you?

    None. The only requirement is: ... You need additional and also design-strong premises quickly. You need more office workstations, a new workshop or additional staff accommodation. You are planning a fancy showroom, trade fair or sales booth. You want to run a restaurant, gas station, hotel or motel soon. And much more... Then you've come to the right place.

  • Will you help me with the financing?

    Yes, we even offer real mortgages through a partner bank if you own your own building land or have a building lease. If you rent or lease building land, a mortgage is logically not possible, because the building land cannot be registered as a pledge in the land register. In case of rent, leasing can be a solution. However, the leasing variant is always associated with higher costs compared to a mortgage, but can be quite interesting for financial considerations or for reasons of procurement policy. We offer advice and handling of the financing as a fee-based additional service.

  • If I decide to use modular buildings, what advantages do I have over other construction methods?

    With Swiss Modular Building as an experienced outsourcing partner and our modular construction concept, you will meet this challenge: While conventional modular construction requires elaborate planning with many individual modules, we rely on high-quality standard modules that are nevertheless designed individually and according to requirements. The standardization allows a maximum of efficiency in every phase of the project - thus modular solutions van Swiss Modular Building are significantly more cost-effective than wooden modular construction or element construction. Compared to conventional room containers, such as those used on construction sites, our modular buildings are high-quality and fully equipped living and working spaces. A great design, homeliness and a good working atmosphere are guaranteed. And all this at a price, which is significantly lower than the system - modular construction, but only slightly higher than the normal room container.

  • Who will create the foundation for me?

    As a total company, we offer you a full service concept. This also includes the planning and construction of the foundation, if you wish. If you wish, you can also build the foundation yourself, for this you will receive a foundation plan from us. The design of the foundation depends on the building ground on the one hand, and on the size of the modular building on the other hand. Often a point or strip foundation is sufficient, but a full foundation can also make sense. For temporary projects and solid ground, wooden beams or steel girders are also sufficient. In sandy subsoil, screw foundations are recommended.

  • Do you work with ISO standardized modules?

    No, only shipping containers and construction site containers are ISO standardized. But such containers are a completely different product, poorly insulated and have nothing to do with our high-quality and modular modules. Our modular modules are standardized in terms of production and their size is optimal for easy road transport. The module dimensions were planned in such a way that they result in an optimal relationship between space size and costs and are therefore cost-efficient and economical. The modularity of our modules results from the fact that they can be connected and combined like LEGO.

  • How are modular modules transported to the construction site?

    The modular modules are either transported to the construction site ready for use or delivered as a kind of kit. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends primarily on the transport costs to and the assembly costs at the destination. The decision criterion is therefore what is more cost-saving and ecological. Modules are usually transported by truck, but modular buildings can also be delivered by rail and air. Conclusion: The distance and assembly costs at the destination are primarily decisive. Of course, special criteria can also be decisive, for example in disaster relief, when time is of the essence or the destination is inaccessible.≤

  • Is it possible to rent modular buildings from you?

    Yes, renting modular buildings is always possible. This can also make sense, sometimes more financially, but often also for reasons of procurement policy or even accounting reasons. As a full service provider, however, we do not only provide you with construction-related advice with our specialists in construction management and construction controlling. Our economists carefully analyze your module construction project and explain the advantages and disadvantages of renting, leasing or buying. From a purely financial point of view, the purchase is worthwhile in most cases. This is especially true if you focus on a certain quality, appealing design and, above all, your own individual modular building. It is then also much easier to resell the building after its own use, which means that depreciation can be reduced. A main disadvantage of renting is also that the customer can rarely rent his individual modular building, because rental modules are designed to serve many users with different needs. From our experience, therefore, renting is worthwhile from a financial point of view only for short-term projects of 8 to 10 months. From a useful life of 12 months, we recommend investing in quality and design and buying the building, with the aim of reselling it after 18 or 24 months.

  • Can I still have windows or doors installed later?

    This is possible without any problem. Interior or exterior wall panels can be replaced.

  • How many floors can be realized with modular buildings?

    Our innovative modular buildings can be realized with up to 3 floors without static calculations. More floors are possible by reinforcing the corner columns of the lower floors accordingly. Depending on the available plot size and the prices for building land, it can quickly pay off to build one or more floors higher.

  • How big are individual modular buildings, are there standard dimensions?

    Our standard dimensions (outside) are:

    Width: 2980 mm
    Length: 8940 mm
    Heights: Basic module 8940 mm, roof module 428 mm (without roof gelander)

    The inner dimensions depend on the thickness of the outer wall insulation. We are happy to make special dimensions.

  • What guarantees do you give me?

    Our warranty services are based on the SIA 118 standards. Payment is made in predefined installments and according to the progress of construction.

  • Do you make an inspection of the building plot beforehand?

    As part of our full service concept, Swiss Modular Building relieves you of your entire module construction project. From conception, visualization and preliminary planning to technical planning, assembly and construction management, maintenance and leasing, we take over all tasks for you. The inspection of the building plot is part of the pre-planning.

  • Will you design my individual living module for me?

    Yes, our innovative modular solutions are based on high-quality standard modules, which we design individually according to your wishes and needs in terms of room and house layout as well as equipment and design - flexible, attractive, cost-effective. The modular buildings can be calculated exactly and are ready for immediate occupancy after a short construction period.

  • Are innovative modular buildings dependent on certain sizes?

    While a modular construction must be planned elaborately with many individual modules in the conventional modular construction method, we rely on high-quality standard modules that are designed individually and according to requirements. Accordingly, there are standard sizes. If these are adhered to, the costs can be kept very low. Individual sizes are possible, but usually make the project unnecessarily expensive.

  • Will you help me with the building permit?

    As part of a full service concept, Swiss Modular Building relieves you of your entire modular building project. From conception, visualization, technical planning, building permit, assembly and construction management to maintenance and leasing, we take over all tasks for you.


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