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    Swiss Modular Building is a Swiss company with a large network of experienced partners in the product and service sector. The innovative concept of modular construction based on modular standard modules arose from our vision: to offer exactly the space required for every demand, application and period of use.

    In all project phases, we place the highest value on quality, both in services and products. We use only steel frame modules of the highest quality and, thanks to professional specialist partners, we are able to implement modular construction projects all over the world within the shortest possible time.

    At first glance, standardization and individualization sound like a contradiction in terms - but it is precisely this symbiosis that enables us to provide environmentally compatible solutions that precisely meet the respective requirements, avoid oversupply and can be completely dismantled. As a full-service partner, we take the burden off you in all phases of your construction project and take on all tasks associated with realization - from planning to construction and acceptance to maintenance.

    Economic efficiency plays an increasingly important role in all economic areas. We are committed to developments that enable high quality and attractive design - while at the same time offering high flexibility, low costs and precise calculability.

    Our competencies as

    Martin V. Schuster

    Martin V. Schuster studied Economics with a focus on Finance and International Management at the University of St. Gallen HSG. He worked for various medium and large corporations in leading positions in Switzerland and abroad. As Managing Director he is responsible for the management and operational development of Swiss Modular Buildings.

    Martin V. Schuster
    +41 44 391 22 23

    15 good reasons for
    Swiss Modular Building

    Swiss company

    Development, production and sales in Switzerland.


    Premium high-tech module with high-quality workmanship and life expectancy of 80 to 100 years


    Lego-like modular in all directions and stackable to form multi-story buildings.


    Flexible facade elements and room layout possible according to individual customer requirements.


    Standardization makes it possible to manufacture more cost-effectively.


    Transportable on all roads without special permits.


    Statically strong and resilient steel structure is earthquake resistant.


    Exclusively suppliers and partners with quality products and impeccable service.


    Efficient planning and quotation of your project with our online 3D configurator from the comfort of your home.

    Energy efficiency

    Minimal energy consumption thanks to strong thermal insulation and ventilation with heat recovery.

    Energy standards

    Our modules meet all strict energy standards in all Swiss cantons.


    Produced according to Swiss SIA standards with full guarantees according to Swiss law.

    Energy self-sufficiency

    100% energy self-sufficient with optional solar panels, battery storage and V2L- electric car.


    We use only 100% recycled eco-steel.


    We enable you to get a right mortgage at market conditions.


    Get your individual offer now. Plan and calculate your modular building online and receive a personal quote including additional services.

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